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Tree Care
We are passionate about high standards in tree care within the industry and draw on over 20 years of experience. We don’t use discredited practices such as pollarding or lopping that can be to the detriment to your tree. Instead we will gladly provide you with free advice about how best to manage and preserve your tree.

If your tree is dead, dangerous or you’ve simply fallen out of love with it and we can’t persuade you to keep it, we can safely remove it, for a competitive price.

Crown reductions and reshaping
The crown refers to the foliage on the tree. Crown reductions reduce this, which in turn helps to reduce weight and protects the tree from wind loading stresses on the branch structure. Such reduction is recommended for trees which are to be retained but may be growing too large for their location or have structural faults. Our work complies with the British Standard 3998:2010 and follows all Arboricultural Association guidelines.

Crown lifting
Crown lifting means removal of lower branches which allows increased height clearance from ground level to the first branch. This allows clearance of the tree’s obstructions to lawns, footpaths, roads, roof tops and property. This can also take away the claustrophobic feel of an overbearing tree close to a property and allows clear lines of sight and greater light into your garden.

Crown thinning
Crown thinning is when a certain percentage of the tree’s branch structure is removed, retaining an even density, well-spaced and balanced branch structure. Crown thinning can reduce the weight of dense branches, reducing the loading on the main structure of the tree. The thinning process can also help reduce shade.

Formative Pruning
Formative pruning of young trees promotes a healthy branch structure from which the tree can develop and flourish. Formative pruning also helps to ensure that the tree fits its environment.

Tree removal
We are fully insured and NPTC qualified since 1993 to provide safe and efficient removal of unwanted trees.

Hedge cutting
We provide domestic and commercial customers with a comprehensive hedge work service. We can offer you a one-off cut, to get your overgrown hedges back into shape, or provide you with a regular or annual maintenance.

We supply and install close board fencing, larch lap panels, picket fencing and post and rail. We can supply and install concrete or wooden posts, depending on your specification. We also undertake fencing repairs, installation of concrete spurs gates.

We provide regular mowing services at competitive rates and will also tame overgrown lawns. We pride ourselves on a neat and tidy job. We are also criminal record bureau checked for your peace of mind.

We supply and install quality turf to your specification.